Friday, November 28, 2008

The Chevrolet Stock Car Competiton Guide - Part 5

This page gives you the 'recommended basic options' for your to order in your 'stock car'.

In brief these are;

1) Body Model; with the 1512 being the favourite. Any body colour will do but 'green is considered taboo in most American racing circles' and 'lighter tones reduce interior temps on hot sunny days'.

2) Engine; with the Corvette V8 with Ramjet fuel-injection (RPO 578) being favoured.

3) Transmission; with either the Standard 3-Speed Synchro-Mesh or the Close-Ratio 3-Speed Synchro-Mesh (RPO 303) as an option.

4) Electric Wipers (RPO 320); as the standard vacuum-style wipers did not work at high speeds due to little vacuum pressure produced to operate it. They also recommend a foot-operated windshield washer too for the same vacuum related reasons.

Next Up - Part 6, where we look at more of the 'heavy duty' options needed to make a 1957 Chevy stock car.


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