Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome To The 1957 Chevy 'Black Widow' Stock Car Blog

O.K., I have to admit, this whole site started because I was writing a 'little' piece for my other blog 'NASCAR Ranting and Raving' and what I wrote became more than a 'little something', it became 'a whole lot of something'. In fact, I'm still writing it but I have enough to start posting here - which I will start doing soon.

I hope that this site will eventually serve as an information and link hub for fans of the 1957 Chevy 'Black Widow' stock car.

Check back soon for more. Here is a hint as to where I'm going next:


Tiredawg said...

Well now, you sure have my curiosity going...

4ever3 said...

Thanks, let's hope I keep it going.